Has James Brown been Corpse Napped??


The Corey Haim has passed on.  Same apartment complex as Rick James.
Cold Blooded Coinkydink.

If Quentin Tarantino met Doris Duke - we would either have Quendora.


Some of these faces may look familiar to you - but there is a lot more information on their pages.  Swear.

First off, I attended the LA Homicide Experience in Vegas.  If you visit the Tate and LaBianca pages, you'll see some pretty interesting photographic updates.

Click on the images below to see more information - NEW information on Trent Lehman from Nanny and the Professor, Virginia Rappe, Jim Morrison, KC and David Strickland.

Booze drinker, blood drinker, blood sucker, and beater.


Brittany Murphy RIP / The rumors and death of Frances Farmer



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The bizarre story of Michael Jackson's (non) burial, put together by writer Lisa Burks

By the way, yes.  His death house is on the Dearly Departed Tour now.
It is what we do.
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Michael Jackson - Video Greatest Hits - HIStory


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